Grants may be applied for by individuals, organisations, associations and institutions with an address in Norway and that have activities within the given framework. The Foundation gives priority to cultural activities within the fields of architecture, visual arts, design, film and photo, music, theatre, dance and literature. 

New forms of bilateral co-operation will be given priority, so that Nordic projects will not necessarily be evaluated. Single projects will gain priority over repeat events. The Foundation does not provide full financing for projects. There are in existence a number of other Nordic possibilities for financial backing, for example The Nordic Culture Fund and Nordic Culture Point

The annual amount available varies from year to year. 

Applications relating to projects already completed or initiated will not be considered.

NB: Applicants with an address in Finland must apply to The Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Foundation.    


The bilateral cultural foundation Norsk-finsk kulturfond and Kulturfonden för Finland och Norge was established by the Norwegian and Finnish governments in 1979. The Foundation and its annual returns are administered by a board situated in Helsinki and Oslo. The Foundation has a secretariat in Norway and another in Finland.

The aim of the Foundation is to further understanding and cultural relations between Finland and Norway through support of activities and initiatives which contribute to greater awareness and increased contact between the cultural, community and business life of the two peoples.

fond logo nett

The Foundation’s logo can be downloaded here.

The Foundation’s Secretariat can be contacted at:

Norsk-finsk kulturfond
Wergelandsveien 23 B
0167 Oslo
phone: +47 22 47 76 82
e-mail: fond(at)


The Foundation's Secretariat in Finland

Hanasaari – Suomalais-norjalainen kulttuurirahasto
Hanasaarenranta 5
FI-02100 Espoo
e-mail: fonderna(at)

The United Nations named Finland the happiest country in the world in their World Happiness Report 2018. In the Good Country Index Finland generated most good to the planet and to the human race, relative to its size. 

Education in Finland at all levels – including higher and adult education – is free. All Finnish primary and secondary schools serve a free daily lunch. Finnish 15-year-olds have gotten great results in PISA’s (Programme for International Student Assessment) reports.

Finland has two official languages: Finnish and Swedish. Swedish speaking Finns make up approximately 5,5% of the population. Finnish schools put great emphasis on language studies: in addition to Finnish and Swedish, all students must learn at least one additional language. Usually they choose to study English.

In 1906 Finland became the first country in Europe to grant women the vote, and the first country in the world to give women the right to stand for election. 

In music, Finland has a good reputation with a number of well-known conductors, composers and opera singers. Nevertheless, the real passion of the Finns is tango, that has developed into it’s own form of Finnish tango. 

One of the country’s most exotic sports events is the annual World Championship in wife-carrying, held in the small town of Sonkajärvi in central Finland. Other interesting events include World Championships in swamp football, in air guitar, and the rubber-boot throwing.

If you would like to know more about Finland and Finnish cultural activities, you can visit This is Finland.


This is Finland 

Web pages maintained by the Foreign Ministry, giving an overview of Finland by means of topical articles.

Visit Finland
An information package about Finland: people, history, geography, forests, lakes, myths…

Team Finland
Team Finland brings together all state-funded internationalisation services.

Information about services run by the central authorities in Finland

The Finnish Institute of International Affairs 
News, analysis and studies regarding Finland’s security and foreign policy and international relations

Information about the work of Finland’s Parliament and its members

The Finnish Government
The Government’s online service

The President of the Republic of Finland  
Information about Finland’s President: press releases, interviews, speeches etc.

The Ministry of Education and Culture
The Ministry’s webpages with information about the areas it covers, such as education, research, culture, youth and sport

MAPS | back to top

Active Map of Finland
Click on the various place names and you will reach the home pages of the cities and largest towns in Finland.

TRAVEL FACTS | back to top

See Visit Finland under General Information.

Tourist information from the City of Helsinki: places of interest, events, brochures, videos.

Tourist information and general information about the Åland Islands

Gateway to useful information about Lapland

Helsinki this week
Read the latest edition online.

STUDY, RESEARCH & WORK | back to top

Study and work experience

Study in Finland
CIMO’s website provides information about studies, international experience, student exchange and grant possibilities.

Links to the websites of universities and schools of higher education in Finland

Universities of Applied Sciences
Links to the websites of universities of applied scineces in Finland


CIMO – Centre for International Mobility
Information on the possibilities of grants for foreign students

Academy of Finland
Academy of Finland finances scientific research at an elevated level.

The society at large

Finnish Research Libraries 
Gateway to Finland’s most important national and international libraries with online catalogues and resources

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Finnish Newspapers Association
Special interest group for Finland’s daily papers and their publishers

Finnish Periodical Publishers’ Association
Special interest group for Finland’s periodicals

YLE News in English
News in English from the Finnish Broadcasting Corporation

Watch YLE News
See today’s news!


Swedish language news channel from Finland 


Helsinki Summer University 
Arranges Finnish courses for foreigners throughout the year

Jyväskylä Summer University
Intensive Summer courses in Finnish language and culture

Summer camp for Finnish children and young people living abroad

The Finnish Language
A short introduction to the history and grammar of the Finnish language

Tavataan taas!
Introductory course to the the Finnish language from Helsinki University

Introductory course to the Finnish language from Tampere Polytechnic

Ymmärrä Suomea!
Practice in understanding written Finnish


ART AND CULTURE | back to top

The Ministry of Education and Culture’s cultural pages
Information package about Finland’s culture policy, infrastructure, libraries, museums, cultural heritage, music, theatre, dance, literature, visual arts, architecture, film and media art

The Finnish Cultural and Academic Institutes
Gateway to the network of Finland’s cultural and academic institutes

Finland Festivals
Finland Festivals is a co-operation between 80 of the country’s most important cultural events. 


The National Audiovisual Institute 
The National Audiovisual Institute is responsible for the conservation of the nation’s visual memories.

The Finnish Film Foundation
The Finnish film Foundation works to support and develop film production, distribution and performance in Finland.

Helsinki International Film Festival 
Love & Anarchy – Finland’s largest film festival is arranged annually in September.

Tampere film Festival 
The Nordic countires’ largest international short film festival is arranged in Tampere annually in March.

Midnight Sun Film Festival 
The world’s most fascinating film festival is arranged annually in Sodankylä.

M-Cult was established to promote production, research and development of new media culture.

LITERATURE | back to top

FILI  - Finnish Literature Exchange
FILI’s task is to increase knowledge about Finnish literature abroad, to promote translation of literature, and to provide support for translation and publication of Finnish, Finnish-Swedish and Sami literature in other languages.

The Union of Finnish Writers 
Special interest group for Finnish authors writing in Finnish

The Finnish Comics Society
Gateway to the Finnish world of comic strips

BLF – The Biographical Dictionary of Finland
A new biographical work in Swedish, appearing in four volumes. Over one hundred articles are already published on the Internet.

Lysmasken - ”Firefly” 
Literary reviews etc.

Books from Finland 
Books from Finland is a periodical covering literature from and about Finland.

Mariehamns litteraturdagar

DESIGN | back to top

Design Forum Finland
Design Forum Finland works to further the use of design in industry and other business, and to stimulate interest in design amongst the general public, markets and consumers. 
Netbased contact with important participants in Finnish design

The Design Museum
The Design Museum is a special museum for design in Finland.

Design District Helsinki

The Finnish Association of Designers

MUSEUMS | back to top

Museums in Finland
Gateway to museums in Finland

Museum of Forest Finn Culture in Norway 

MUSIC | back to top 
Musical life in Finland – in all its breadth

Finland’s Symphony Orchestras
Information about  Finland’s professional orchestras

Finnish National Opera
Website of Finland’s National Opera: opera, ballet, concerts, events, with online booking system

Jean Sibelius
Jean Sibelius’ website produced by The Helsinki Finnish Club 

VISUAL ART | back to top

Frame Contemporary Art Finland
Frame Contemporary Art Finland is an expert organisation for international exchange within the field of pictorial art, and lends support to the showing of Finnish art abroad.

Finnish National Gallery 
Website of Finnish National Gallery

HAM Helsinki Art Museum
Website of HAM Helsinki Art Museum

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Finnish architecture
Links to all you want to know about Finnish architecture.

Museum of Finnish Architecture
Website of Finland’s Architecture Museum

Museum of Alvar Aalto
Website of the Alvar Aalto Museum

Architecture Information Centre Finland

Website of Architecture Information Centre Finland

DANCE | back to top

Finnish Dance Information Centre
Comprehensive information package about dance in Finland
Netbased information for contemporary Finnish dance

Zodiak – Center for New Dance 

THEATRE | back to top

Theatre Info Finland
Comprehensive information package for Finnish theatre

Hangö Teaterträff
Anual stage art festival in Hankoo.

CIRCUS | back to top

CircusInfo Finland  


The Finnish Sauna Society

Suomineito – Finnish women’s website 
Hundreds of links to women’s interests

Santa Claus Office
Santa Claus’ website

The Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Institute was established in 1997. The institute aims to strengthen the contacts between Finland and Norway in the fields of culture and social life and to increase knowledge of Finland in Norway and vice versa.